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About: Ari Kill x Kill Kollective 


I’m Ari Kill, Founder of the Kill Kollective – an independent PR consultancy and community guiding brands and creators to kill the noise and build engaged communities through my pioneered teachings of cult communications.


Before launching The Kill Kollective in 2019, I coined the term “cult communications” – an intentional communications approach that prioritizes creating deeper audience connections and positioning community as the centerpiece of public relations practice. I believe in pushing the industry forward to embrace the idea of modern-day “PR psychologists”, and understanding the cross-functional future of public relations.

I enjoy giving back to the PR community as the Founder and Head of Community Relations for the Black Tech PR Society – a global advocacy platform and community amplifying diversity in communications across tech and venture capital. Additionally, I’m a Communications Manager at global PR agency Golin – specializing in Executive Visibility for brands like PepsiCo, Sephora, Kenvue, and more.

I am devoted to helping brands serve a higher purpose and channel the nature of cult brands to develop loyal communities and fan bases through PR – always inspiring others to celebrate CULTure. 

Cult Brand Influencer

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