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About: Ari Kill x Kill Kollective 

I’m Ari Kill, Founder of the Kill Kollective, the first and only network for cult brand builders — and those pushing the boundaries of community building, brand loyalty, and communications; or in other words: Killing it🔺

Before launching The Kill Kollective in 2019, I coined the term “cult communications” – an intentional communications approach that prioritizes creating deeper audience connections and positioning community as the centerpiece of public relations practice. I believe in pushing the industry forward to embrace the idea of modern-day “PR psychologists”, and understanding the cross-functional future of public relations.

Tech PR: I'm the Founder of the Black Tech PR Society (BTPRS) – a global advocacy platform and community amplifying diversity in communications across tech and venture capital. In 2024, I  was named to Business Insider’s annual Top Rising Stars in Public Relations list – while BTPRS was named a finalist for the Force for Good category at the Black Tech Achievement Awards. In addition, BTPRS has fostered key relationships with tech companies and large PR agency partners  –  to share vetted job and personal development opportunities. I'm excited to continue accelerating growth, championing change, and providing access at the intersection of public relations and tech. 


Agency Experience:  I’m a Senior Communications Manager at global PR agency Golin – specializing in Executive Visibility for brands like PepsiCo, Sephora, and more.  

Cult Brand Influencer

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