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Has the Pandemic Fundamentally Changed the Way Women Think About Drinking?

Ari Kill, a 29-year-old publicist in New York City, used to feel social pressure to drink but is advocating for a new, drier lifestyle as in-person events return. “Prior to the pandemic, I was a social drinker due to my job,” she told me. “But the pandemic has made me more aware of some of my habits, and now I don’t feel the need to socially drink.”


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10 Ways to Manage Your Mental Health As a Black Entrepreneur

"Publicist and entrepreneur, Ari Kill, utilizes a holistic approach to business exposure that prioritizes wellness and mental health with her firm, The Kill Kollective. Kill explains, "Some people get lost in comparing their journey and are unable to find a healthy mental state when receiving attention or lack thereof while building a business with social media. It is critical to address and reflect on how your time on social media is impacting how you feel about your identity or image."


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