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Our Process

Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat 

Receiving attention as an influencer, public figure or brand is more than social media likes, buzzwords, media mentions, and followers. Our society has redefined the idea of the traditional celebrity personality and the concept of "fame" or a  cult following" is available to anyone with the resilience for more. 


At the core of public relations, there is human connection. We believe that the future of communications will rely on the ability of brands to develop a cult following in order to enhance relevance over time and a competitive industry edge— turning followers into believers of your vision and likes into customers. We understand that the act of pursuing publicity is a mindful practice, awakening your audience to connect with your brand on the deepest level. 


We are committed to helping you monetize your purpose and authentically breath the life of your brand into your target audience and the media. Every brand deserves to understand the power of communicating your own unique brand manifesto and the opportunities behind reaching cult status. It is essential for us to share our knowledge of the Cult Communications Manifesto,  and the secrets that will help you achieve the undeniable appeal of a cult brand.


Cult Communications Manifesto

The Kill Kollective Cult Communications Manifesto guides our communications strategy and holistic approach towards building a cult brand and authentic brand loyalty. Cult marketing and public relations are interconnected towards the path of enlightenment of building a cult following and developing devout brand evangelists. In order to kill it, you must be ready to showcase your power, influence, and expertise in a favorable manner through exceeding all expectations.  

We want to share the art of cult brand communications through our 8 core principles: 
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